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Good jobs - Become a hot air balloon pilot

Come fly with me....become a hot air balloon pilot

There is something magical about hot air balloons, its simple physics yet it seems strangely daunting to float in the air by nothing more than a bag of hot air. You feel detached from the world as you silently drift through the sky in your basket taking in the serene beauty of the landscape beneath you. For many people the opportunity to earn a living from piloting a hot air balloon would....(read full article)

become a landscape architect

Landscape architecture helping to design a beautiful world

Landscape architects work with a range of city and rural planners to create environments that are functional, sustainable and improve the quality of life for their inhabitants. As a landscape architect you will possess a wealth of skills at your disposal as the job requires a unique mix of art, design, botany, psychology...(read full article)

become a dental hygienist

A job with a bright future, become a dental hygienist

Jobs in the dental profession have always been a popular career choice due the excellent career prospects, good working environment and great pay. Most people who graduate with a degree in dental hygiene normally find work pretty quickly since there’s currently a shortage of qualified applicants....(read full article)

become a radiographer

Become a radiographer

Radiographers analyse the anatomy of patients using imaging technology such as x-rays. They are a vital part of modern medicine and produce images that are used by doctors to diagnose injuries and diseases. For example, if you fell while playing football and went to the hospital to see if it was broken, a radiographer...(read full article)

become a crime scene investigator

Love CSI and crime dramas? Become a forensic scientist

If you're hooked on CSI and other crime drama's plus you love working with science then perhaps you should use your talents and become a real life crime scene investigator...(read full article)

become a meteorologist

Fascinated by the weather, why not become a meteorologist

From a careers perspective, meteorology offers a challenging, rewarding and secure future. It was ranked 13th by the Jobs Rated Almanac based on factors such as employment outlook, stress, money, physical demands and money. Whether it's the right career for you depends on your own...(read full article)

become a driving instructor

Nerves of steel? Become a driving instructor

There are lots of good jobs in this world, if you've got great communication skills, can quickly build rapport with people and can relax under pressure, becoming a driving instructor could turn out to be yours..(read full article)

become a stage theatre manager

Become a stage theatre manager

One of the most exciting and rewarding positions for stage-struck job-seekers is that of Theatre Stage Manager – coordinating every aspect of front of house and backstage to ensure the show runs like a dream! The stage manager...(read full article)

become a nutritionist

Health freak? Become a nutritionist

Additives, chemicals, colourings, flavourings, preservatives, GM crops, fast foods, fertilisers, insecticides and more – it’s no wonder the human race’s collective immune system is failing and dis-ease is increasing. ‘You are what you eat’ is a truism totally ignored by the profit and...(read full article)

become a life coach

Compassionate and caring? Become a life coach

The job of life coach rocketed into prominence in the USA during the latter part of the last century in response to a wave of dissatisfaction with modern, commercialised lifestyles. Since...(read full article)

become an air traffic controller

Keep an eye on the sky, become an air traffic controller

Airspace around the world is busy with passenger, commercial and private planes each on route to their own destination. Keeping these planes on track and avoiding any potential collisions takes a professional team of air traffic controllers stationed around the world. If the idea of keeping tabs sounds like a good job...(read full article)

become a wild animal vet

Life on the wild side - become a wild animal vet

Wildlife veterinary medicine is the most challenging of all veterinary specialties; definitely a good jobs for today's environmentally aware youngsters who are keen to protect our delicate habitat. Wild animal vets are required in zoos, conservation...(read full article)




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